Zombieland Two Trailer Concept

Setting. A built up city surrounded by desert.

Trash blows gently across a city street. The more keen eyed may notice a Twinkie wrapper.

Cut to the horizon. In the distance, a red dot appears as if a mirage. A low whirring can be heard.

Cut back to the city. Zombies slowly turn, dust shaking from them- they have been standing still for some time- but now they are attracted to the noise.

Cut to the horizon The dot is more defined. You can just make out that it is a vehicle before…

SMASH CUT to LOUD ENGINE Camera follows what is now confirmed to be, in fact, a Bright Red Vyrus 987 Motorcycle as it seems to be heading straight into the city. It is driven by a rider in all black leather, save for a red stripe that matches his bike.

Cut back to the city, camera rolls down a street of doors, where zombies stagger out slowly congregating as the engine whir draws ever closer. Cobwebs and trash scatters, again showing how this place had been undisturbed for months.

Cut to overhead view as zombies make their way towards the approaching vehicle. The vehicle turns slowly.

Cut to zombies changing the direction of their shamble, slowly speeding up.

SMASH CUT TO LOUD ENGINE AGAIN and HOLY CRAP. Driver looks over his shoulder to see he is being followed.

Cut back to overhead, the circular path of the bike is grouping the zombies together. The driver circles once more, than bolts into the center of the city.

Cut to Camera on the ground, focused up on a sky scraper. Motorcycle races by and nearly clears the shot as zombies stumble into view- pursing the luxury motorcycle.

Cut to front of the skycraper, Driver parks the bike, revealing that he is wearing some sort of low profile backpack. He begins to limber up.

Cut to to opposite shot, facing away from the driver. Driver is out of focus and continues to stretch as zombie hoard gets closer.

Cut back to driver, looking at his expensive watch, looking back at the zombies. Watch beeps and he runs into the building. Camera stays focused on the door, as zombies begin filling the shot, knocking over the bike as they stumble into the door opened by the driver.

Inside building. Driver is jogging up stairs, passing various satchels and backpacks, all the same red has his bike and suit stripe. They appear clean and bright.

Cut to zombies filling the stairwell.

Cut to roof shot, door flys open as driver jogs to the edge. Carefully he peers over.

He sees more zombies filing in, looks back at the door to the roof. He peers back.

The last few zombies are shuffling inside, they look perhaps slightly older or injured.

Cutting back to the rooftop door, the first zombies stumble through, clawing over each other.

The driver stands on the edge of the rooftop as the zombies finally regain footing and approach.

He unzips a pocket to reveal a pull chord, and jumps from the roof just as the zombies begin to lunge at him.

Zombies fall to their second death as he pulls the rip chord, and a basejumping parachute unfolds, the same color red seen so up until this point.

Close shot of driver now floating, zooming out to reveal the Virgin skyscraper, its logo the same red seen thus far.

From another pocket, the driver pulls a detonator, dramatic music that has been pounding now stops. Whistling wind and the click of a safety cover are heard. Then the driver pushes the button.

Long distance shot, the entire Virgin skyscraper is detonated from the top down, killing all zombies inside. As the shot is focused on the smoke and debris, driver floats by.

Camera now follows the floating driver, showing his destination outside town, where a Virgin-Red target is painted on the ground and a private Virgin aircraft sits.

Drivers feet touch the ground, parachute falls slowly, revealing  the most gorgeous woman you have ever seen in your entire life holding two flutes of freshly poured champagne.

She approaches the driver.

The driver, disconnecting himself from the red parachute removes his helmet, even as it radiantly reflects the high desert sun. His back is turned.

He faces the camera and smiles, as only Richard Branson can. The woman hands him the flute and the step into the plane.

Smash Cut to Logo Frame: Zombie Kill of the Week.

Smash cut to title ZOMBIEWORLD.


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