Trump Tweets Flag Trap – Two Reasons Not To Fall For It



It’s a trap. Do not burn the flag to protest Trump’s latest tweet: This is a brilliant strategy, probably from his strategist, to get moderate Americans on board with Trump. It will work if his opponents act in a predictable manner. Don’t fall for it. Here is why:

1: He wants you to do burn a flag. 

Trump wants the internet filled with videos of self-righteous college students burning flags. This will further divide the country and put him on the side of patriotic Americans.

2: You can’t call this a fascist move without calling Hillary a fascist too.

There it is folks, plausibility. Hillary suggested this very thing, minus the loss of citizenship. Her candidacy really is the gift that keeps on giving.

What can you do?

In my opinion, It is best to ignore this one. Any reaction could be used against you. If you feel like you MUST do something, then dress up like Uncle Sam when you do. Go out there and wave flags. Dress up your dogs. Be pro-American. Don’t just let him have the Patriotism symbols without a fight. After all, freedom of speech is American. Freedom of religion is American. Why should he get to be the patriot in all this?


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