In line at post office…

I stood in line to use the robotic mailman to mail a package. Behind me stood a young man with a single envelope. Goodwill towards men, thought I. “Just a stamp? Go right ahead.” I stepped aside as he thanked me, with a confused look. It was not my display of the Christmas spirit in the midst of the hectic holiday season that perplexed him, I would soon learn. As he placed the envelope on the scale I noticed it was already stamped.

He pushed at buttons. I became concerned. What combination of buttons could he possibly hit that would convey the specific nature of his circumstance. I debated a continuance of my assistance until mercifully he moved the envelope and began to place it in the package sorter. He looked at me as if for permission. I declined to grant it, instead pointing out the slot conspicuously labeled “Letters.”

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