Firework DJ Birthday

Here is a small business development idea for pyrotechnic display companies.

Pitch: You are rich, and your kids know it. You want everyone to celebrate your kids birthday. The kid is too old for a clown, but too young for a “grown up” teenager birthday party. How do you make your party the best one on the block, the party that every kid in his class will remember forever?¬†What One-Percent Kid’s birthday would be complete without his very own Fireworks Display. And, by very own, I mean he gets a big board and can push buttons to launch fireworks. Professionals set up the display, and the Birthday Boy presses labeled buttons to let them rip, including the big red plastic covered “Finale” button. Maybe he wants to launch them to music. Maybe he wants to pretend to be a wizard. Who knows. Kids love being in control of the world around them, parents want to do something memorable and unique.

Income: 2,000 to 5,000 per display depending on how many “shots” the parent buys for junior.


Make sure to have a “Cooldown” timer so he doesn’t just mash all the buttons immediately. Make sure she has an “Ammo” count. Put some work into having a control board made that looks like a big slick retro spaceship looking interface.

Additional Touches?

Film the displays and share them on your website or youtube, ending with the kid smiling and jumping around.

Alternative Plans?

Set up control board, launchers, and a viewing area on your company’s property. Party is hosted there, so parents can save money on having a set up placed in their neighborhood. This would be cheaper for the parents, and allow families with Homeowner association restrictions to participate.

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