Chapter One: Make America Great Again

Greatness is not a birthright. It’s not a self-granted title. It is not guaranteed. America has been great.

Overthrowing our corporate and colonial masters was great. Inventing sustained flight and landing on the moon in the same century was great. The highway system is great. The internet is … Fine. All of those things were done basically before the mid eighties and we were so great that our enemies literally disappeared. We wrote songs. “I’m Proud to be an American” was a hit on the radio.

That was about 35 years ago.

I’m not a “participation trophy, everyone is special” kind of guy so if this seems harsh know it comes from a place of love. We suck now. We are pouring lives and resources down two large holes in Iraq and Afghanistan. We can’t come up with a decent solution to address climate change. We can’t pay for basic services like roads or schools. Cops are shooting people, people are shooting cops, kids are shooting kids but we can’t get basic background checks around guns. Opiod addiction is taking more lives than AIDS did at its height. We have backed out of deals left and right which betrays our oldest friends. People can’t afford healthcare or college. The government is operating a domestic spying program that would make the KGB blush. We have created echo chambers online and where we do intersect there are threats and violence- egged on with impunity by foriegn agents who use our free speech against us. Who gets the blame? People sneaking into the country- the only people who couldn’t possibly be responsible as they weren’t even here. The brain drain is in reverse. Suicide rates are climbing. The Dow is through the roof but if you’ve seen that windfall benefitting our communities you are more perceptive than I.

We are arguing over bathrooms, cakes, crowd sizes, kneeling, restaurants, and whatever the daily special is. None of these issues, no matter your side, have to do with national greatness. These are controversial issues that boost clicks and donations but don’t improve lives.

We need action on real issues.

We need an economy we can all benefit from, healthcare we don’t have to worry about, roads and wires that keep us connected, government that represents the will of the people while respecting the rights of the individual.

I could go on, and maybe I will. I hope you agree with some of this and that at least something here made you angry. If not, let me know.

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