Phonebloks Is A Terrible Idea By Every Standard of Terrible.

I like ideas. I love ideas. If you know me, you know I don’t shut up about them. I take them seriously, and hope that the right ideas can change the world. Enter Phonebloks. Phonebloks is a jawdroppingly terrible idea by a hipcool dude about the biggest problem in the world today, early childhood education … Continue Reading

Zombieland Two Trailer Concept

Setting. A built up city surrounded by desert. Trash blows gently across a city street. The more keen eyed may notice a Twinkie wrapper. Cut to the horizon. In the distance, a red dot appears as if a mirage. A low whirring can be heard. Cut back to the city. Zombies slowly turn, dust shaking … Continue Reading

Mold? Tarnish? I wonder…

This is why I’m leery about making dice in china.

From an alternate timeline : CJ Bucks!

If that’s what its all about, at least do it right!

I would like to do some consulting work for the Hokey Pokey people. “So, you put your left foot in, and then you put your left foot out- only to immediately place your left foot back in before shaking it about. Then you repeat this process for most of your extremities? I am seeing some … Continue Reading

This is Mr. Christmas!

A Paradox

The best time to do something is the worst time, because that is when everyone else is trying to do it too. Sent from the Post Office at Lunchtime

Bossman Pacman Highscore


In line at post office…

I stood in line to use the robotic mailman to mail a package. Behind me stood a young man with a single envelope. Goodwill towards men, thought I. “Just a stamp? Go right ahead.” I stepped aside as he thanked me, with a confused look. It was not my display of the Christmas spirit in … Continue Reading