Matchery: The best thing to do with Candyland since throwing away Candyland.

My son said he wanted to play a game with me before he went to bed, and because he behaved well that evening I agreed. When he reached for Candyland, I began to remember moments of bad behavior and quickly considered revoking my offer. Before I could put this into words, he drew out only … Continue Reading

Phonebloks Is A Terrible Idea By Every Standard of Terrible.

I like ideas. I love ideas. If you know me, you know I don’t shut up about them. I take them seriously, and hope that the right ideas can change the world. Enter Phonebloks. Phonebloks is a jawdroppingly terrible idea by a hipcool dude about the biggest problem in the world today, early childhood education … Continue Reading

Firework DJ Birthday

Here is a small business development idea for pyrotechnic display companies. Pitch: You are rich, and your kids know it. You want everyone to celebrate your kids birthday. The kid is too old for a clown, but too young for a “grown up” teenager birthday party. How do you make your party the best one … Continue Reading