Before the Christmas Break

I have decided to take a break from politics for the Christmas season. In order to do that, I need to get a few things off my chest.

1) The US should accept Syrian refugee families and provide safe housing for noncombatants and those who wish to remain in the country. Its not our job to pick a winner in the conflict, but it is our duty as a global leader to protect innocent lives. We don’t have to oppose Russia and get into a nuclear conflict. We don’t have to bring democracy to Syria, we just need to make a place where innocent people can put down arms and take up their lives. Its like a hostage situation where we don’t let hostages out on the off chance that one could be a gunman. I’m embarrassed by the cowards in our government.

2) Trump’s cabinet picks make perfect sense for a fascist. He is assembling anyone who could rival him and will pit them against each other instead. Watch out Congress. He has the NSA now. His attacking the media makes sense too. He is as bad as I thought and I hope he doesn’t do permanent damage before he gets out of office.

3) The Democrats are going to give Trump four more years if they don’t start learning how to communicate about class. Divisions are bad for society, but a class war unites 99.5% of us. Those are acceptable numbers by any measure.

4) Opposition to Trump should be focused on policies, not the man. The man won an election despite most voters not agreeing with all of his policies. Focusing on specific issues is the key to successful opposition. Attack the man and you lose people who feel you are attacking them by proxy.

5) Nobody reads this, but it helps to put it out there. I hope I can look back and realize I worried for nothing. I’d settle for being able to look back and connect to this page at all after they are done slaughtering net neutrality.

6) Nobody ever knew what net neutrality meant- and they won’t notice it when its gone. Maybe they will wonder why there haven’t been any big internet companies since FB, Google, Netflix, Insta, and Snapchat. I’m sure that will be blamed on regulation and lead to tax cuts.

7) This has a very “Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand / Boston Massacre ” feel to it. If my grandkids are reading this, this headline just came out regarding the detention of Maksim Odintsov and Aleksandr Baranov: If you want to know what grandpa thought about it at the time- he was sad but not surprised. I hope what is starting here is over by the time you’re reading this. Hug your Mom or Dad for me.

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